Supporting & Advocating for Independent Oncology Pharmacies

The Community Oncology Pharmacy Association (COPA) is an advocacy and support network for in-office dispensing and retail pharmacies located in independent community oncology and urology pharmacies. The mission of COPA is to ensure that all patients have access to the high-quality, integrated care that comes from acquiring cancer therapies directly from their providers.


The Value of In-Office Dispensing and Retail Pharmacies in Oncology

COPA’s more than 800 diverse members receive valuable resources, calls, and meetings to help them navigate an increasingly complicated oncology environment and maximize pharmacy operations. Pharmacists, pharmacy staff, practice administrators, and other affiliated practice professionals volunteer their time to lead COPA’s peer-to-peer network and committees.

COPA members also have exclusive access to legal support and templates for tackling pharmacy issues such as PBMs, network access, and DIR Fees that challenge their ability to serve patients. Strategic partnerships also provide COPA members with tools to maintain oncology specialty pharmacy certification with payers and PBMs and continuing pharmacy education and meetings.

COPA is an initiative of Community Oncology Alliance (COA), the nation’s only non-profit solely dedicated to advocating and supporting independent community oncology and urology practices and the patients that they serve. Through this COPA members receive a powerful voice in advocacy with elected officials and key regulatory agencies at the state and federal levels.

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A Powerful Peer-to-Peer Network With Valuable Resources

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In-office dispensing and retail pharmacies dispense oral medications to treat cancer and cancer-related conditions. It’s estimated that up to half of all oncology drugs in the research pipeline today are delivered orally. In response, many community oncology clinics have established on-site dispensing facilities where pharmacists, oncologists, and patients can be closely integrated across the duration of treatment. By coordinating with the frontline providers, having immediate access to patient records, and tapping into real-time knowledge of patient status, treatment plans can be quickly adjusted, adverse events avoided, adherence improved, and waste reduced.

The benefit of in-office dispensing and retail pharmacies has become even more evident with the rise of third-party specialty pharmacies required by payers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). These entities are often more expensive and less convenient, disrupt the physician-patient relationship, and result in separating patients’ oral cancer therapy from the point of care.

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Exclusively available to members of community oncology practices with in-office dispensing and retail pharmacies. Representatives from every level of the pharmacy and practice teams are invited to participate. By sharing insights, Community Oncology Pharmacy Association offers a forum for the advancement of integral cancer treatment dispensing clinics. Start strengthening your practice pharmacy operations today!