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COA / COPA is expanding its Web Advertising opportunities across its various web properties. To achieve maximum coverage for an Ad Campaign, we offer a variety of advertising placements and options. Below, you will find details of those options, as well as contact information for Mary Kruczynski. Please feel free to contact Mary with any questions that you may have regarding your Ad campaign.


COPA – Home Page Sponsorship (Top Leaderboard Ad – 728px wide x 90px tall)

  • 100% Visible on Site

COPA – Secondary Page Ads (Ad Size – Sidebar – 350px wide x 250px tall)

  • Multiple Square Ads are possible for each page
    75% Visibility Throughout the Site

Home Page Sponsorship (Footer Banner Ad – 1030px wide x 125px tall)

  • 75% Visibility Throughout the Site

Editorial Sponsorship – Connected to an Ad banner

  • Action: Clicking on Ad – Lands on a Sponsored Story Page Hosted on COPA Site that is dedicated to Sponsor
  • Maximum of 4 Sponsors for the Site
  • Client / Advertiser will furnish copy and artwork. COPA will provide posting of content to a compatible format for the site.

Editorial Sponsorships

Industry partners can sponsor / advertise  with a graphic that would lead to a story housed on COPA website. Within that story / article could be links to their site as well, as a response form that would email a response if there was further interest by the viewer. This response will be stored in a database, as well as notify the COPA contact and the contact at the Sponsoring Company.

Ad Tracking – Tracking is possible and can be coordinated between COPA and Sponsor.

* Please Note: Advertising is only available to COA industry partners.

For advertising information, please contact us by completing the form below:

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