Documenting PBM Patient Experiences


patient-pharmacistWe are collecting patient and practice experiences around the difficulties encountered when trying to get oral prescriptions filled by specialty, mail order or other retail outlets, outside of physician retail and dispensing pharmacies. If you are aware of patients encountering delays in receiving their treatments; having their prescribed treatments changed; extensive waste; disrespect or rudeness from customer support; lack of financial support through foundations or other patient assistance because it is not being sought by these pharmacies; or any other issues that have had a negative impact, please submit your story below.

These are extremely critical and are used to help educate our members of Congress, as well as payers and related parties that impact how patients receive their care. COA does not share any patient specific data or practice names without the permission of the patient or the practice. Our Patient PBM Horror Stories papers are shown here as examples of issues that patients have encountered trying to get their oral drugs filled by pharmacies and PBMs.

Please participate by filling in all the applicable fields below and submit the experience for our database so that we may continue to fight this battle on behalf of our patients. These stories support our fight by showing how patient care administered at the site of care, is improved when patients are allowed to get their drugs dispensed within practice pharmacies. Alleviating the problems described in these stories, leads to better patient adherence; time to fill; lower costs to patients and the health care system; less waste and overall greater patient satisfaction.

Patient PBM Experience
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