Patient Feedback Tools

Oncologists and their teams are responsible for the care and support of the patients they serve. This is an art of balancing the latest scientific developments with regulatory or payer restrictions, with restraints on resources, and with the specific needs and goals of each patient. This can often be challenging since all incentives are not always aligned with the needs of the mission. The Oncology Medical Home provides a map and structure to provide the highest quality care while also addressing some of the above obstacles.

This participation has additional benefits:

    1. Participation in a FREE patient feedback survey that is designed specifically for cancer patients. The survey is available as a paper or electronic survey in five different languages. Benchmarking appears in real-time for care teams and with enough detail to further quality improvement efforts.
    2. Efficient processes to submit measures that reflect the positive results of following OMH standards. These measures are also used for benchmarking against your peers and can be used in any payment reform model. To learn more about OMH measures, click here .

Interested in joining the OMH model? Join us!

Enrollment in the OMH provides tools, resources, guidance, and support for the continuous transformation of the cancer care delivery system. The first goal of the OMH is patient engagement – timely, comprehensive, and important communications with patient and their family. Those standards are supported by standards and guidelines for other aspects of the patient journey.

Participation in the OMH also provides a recognized foundation for more active participation in value-based initiatives with insurance companies and employers.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

For ease of access, files containing the Patient Satisfaction Survey for manual completion have been placed below. Each language below is available within the digital version of the survey as well.

  • Satisfaction Survey Scoring Guide

  • Satisfaction Survey Tally Form

  • Short Patient Satisfaction Survey – English

  • Chinese Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Russian Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Korean Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Spanish Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • English Patient Satisfaction Survey