Patient Feedback Tools

Community Oncology Alliance (COA) has created the tools below to help practices collect and process patient feedback data. Accurate, quick collection of data and the incorporation of that data into care processes is essential for successful oncology practices. These tools are designed for easy integration into current routines with minimal investment from administrators, nurses, physicians, and other members of the cancer care team.

COA has a long history of seeking patient feedback – the first Patient Satisfaction Survey was created in 2012. Since then, we have refined the survey and worked with outside organizations to bring the patient voice directly to providers. The tools below reflect COA’s passion to make the patient voice heard in clinical decision making.

All tools are free of charge and available to COA members.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

The COA Patient Satisfaction Surveys allow practices to collect data on non-clinical variables like wait time, provider responsiveness, patient satisfaction, and effectiveness of communication.

Two versions of the srvey are available: a 40-question version that has seen nearly 200,000 responses to date, and a new, condensed version with 15 questions. Both versions provide comprehensive, quality information on the patient experience. To ensure that as much patient data is collected as possible, they are available in five languages, can be taken on paper or online, and allow practices to benchmark their performance against national averages, others in their geographical area, practices of similar size, and within their own care teams.

All questions in the COA Patient Satisfaction Surveys are based upon Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) – Clinical Group questions and guidelines. CAHPS is a subsidiary of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

For ease of access, files containing the Patient Satisfaction Survey for manual completion have been placed below. Each language below is available within the digital version of the survey as well.

  • Satisfaction Survey Scoring Guide

  • Satisfaction Survey Tally Form

  • Short Patient Satisfaction Survey – English

  • Chinese Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Russian Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Korean Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • Spanish Patient Satisfaction Survey

  • English Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient Reported Outcome Measures Oncology (PROMOnc) Survey

The Patient Reported Outcome Measures Oncology (PROMOnc) Survey collects patient information before and after completing their cancer treatment, oral or IV, to promote attention to key areas for the patients and to improve care processes.

The PROMOnc Survey was developed in conjunction with the Purchaser Business Group on Health and quantifies patient outcomes like pain, fatigue, and quality of life. The survey aligns with care goals currently defined in the Enhancing Oncology Model.

To use the model, cancer care teams gather patient information before treatment begins and 90 days after treatment is completed. The survey focuses on the patients’ pain, fatigue and quality of life. Reporting can be filtered by care team, cancer diagnosis, and treatment regimen.

Due to data collection requirements, use of the PROMOnc Survey requires an agreement with COA. Please contact us at [email protected] to begin using this survey or click the button below.